VARIOUS ARTISTS – Snaggletooth, A Tribute To Lemmy 2016/Coming Soon

MOTHERHEAD are no more. The light design Lemmy Kilmister left us. Sure, it was clear in the last months of his life that it was coming to an end. Nevertheless, it still feels strange, a world without Lemmy. One of the last real rock stars, the last personages in rock, rock’n’roll, metal – whatever – in a world becoming increasingly poorer in such authorities.

Even in the hard music world, where our cuddly, virtual pamphlet moves, there are hardly any real musicians with charisma. Metal and rock’n’roll have long been a mass product. We are no longer few, no more conspiratorial community of outsiders, look at the festivals, the giantenshows in the halls and the T-Shirts at H & M (or wherever).

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