Uli Jon Roth – Tokyo Tapes Revisited – Live In Japan 2016/Coming Soon

The former Scorpions guitarist Uli Jon Roth releases December 16 the DVD / CD “Tokyo Tapes Revisited – Live In Japan” through the company UDR Music. The song list will look as follows:


1. All Night Long
2. Longing for Fire
3. Crying Days
4. The Sails of Charon
5. Sun in My Hand
6. Virgin Killer
7. Kojo No Tsuki
8. We’ll Burn the Sky
9. In Trance
10. Rainbow Dream Prelude
11. Fly to the Rainbow


1. Top of the Bill
2. I’ve Got to Be Free
3. Polar Nights
4. Dark Lady
5. Pictured Life
6. Catch Your Train
7. All Along the Watchtower
8. Little Wing

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