Rouge Foncé – Red Stiletto Massacre 2016/Rock

Rouge Foncé (pronounced roozh fon-SAY) are a dark cabaret rock band from Melbourne, Australia. Prepare to be seduced by the provocative vocals, haunting melodies, and macabre storytelling rock that Rouge Foncé bring to the burlesque revival scene. In the spirit of bringing together the worlds of rock and burlesque, they often have burlesque noir dancer Kerryx perform during their set. Once described as “The Dresden Dolls meets Hole”, their live show is not one to be missed.

1. The Devil’s Got My Baby
2. As the Sun Goes Down
3. Devious Eyes
4. Nightmare
5. The Traveller (Acoustic)
6. The Carousel
7. 1847
8. Red Voodoo (feat. Rob Wellington)
9. La lumière rouge


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