Brett Ellis – The Warriors Before Me 2016/Coming Soon

Mega-killer, brain-damaging, massive 70s heavy guitar tribute disc by this amazing, bad-ass, heavy guitar axeripper from California. Includes 15 tracks (77 min.) of awesome, powerful, mind-blowing, retro-fied, guitar rock power trio madness of epic proportions.
The Warriors Before Me features phenomenal cover tracks/jams by the following guitar rock legends: Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower, Frank Marino, Uli Roth (Scorpions), Ritchie Blackmore (Rainbow), Pat Travers, Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), Eddie Van Halen (V.H.), Gary Moore, Michael Schenker (UFO), Johnny Winter, Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Lonesome Dave Peverett & Rod Price (Foghat), Angus Young (AC/DC) & Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin). Brett Ellis is a bona-fide, legit, kick-ass, guitar hero who speaks the same language as the greats and beyond, complete with superman-like strength & focus, attention to detail and insane musical chops from hell which all add up equating to a beautiful overdose of supreme guitar rock love and admiration. On the aptly titled The Warriors Before Me disc, Brett Ellis digs deep and pays serious guitar rock tribute to his and the Grooveyard’s favorite 70s Guitar Heroes and, in this case: Warriors. We picked an amazing collection of deep, unpredictable awesome songs by these legendary guitarists that are rarely covered. Staying true to the original versions with an abundance of interesting musical twists & turns, Brett Ellis put’s his own killer axemaster take on the tracks. Weighing in heavy with vast amounts of incredible six string musical inspirations & influences, Brett Ellis is a true axemaster who shines deeply with style, class and authority on the awesome The Warriors Before Me disc. The Warriors Before Me disc also features the ass-kickin’, talented rhythm section of Rick Nash on Bass and Calvin Lakin on Drums – both awesome, seasoned, musicians of high caliber who thoroughly nail down endless amounts of intense, bad-ass, rock solid, power trio groove machine mojo from start to finish. Brett Ellis sings on many of the tracks; however, to complete his musical vision of this disc, he called upon several outstanding guest vocalists in the form of Jason Edwards, Rick Reed, Graham Heath & Allison Smith to land @ rock god vox. Each vocalist is equally great and does an excellent job on these awesome 70s guitar rock anthems. The Brett Ellis: The Warriors Before Me disc is steeped deep in the true glory of guitar rock majesty. An essential, monumental, retro-70s heavy guitar tribute disc available on Grooveyard Records that is Highly recommended to fans of serious, world-class, old-school, total heavy guitar rock music.

1. Ezy Ryder
2. Twice Removed From Yesterday
3. Tryin’ Anyway
4. Living And Dying
5. Self Portrait
6. Go All Night
7. Supernaut
8. Outta Love Again
9. Bad News
10. Ain’t No Baby
11. Bad Luck Situation
12. Neighbor Neighbor
13. Road Fever
14. Whole Lotta Rosie

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Brett Ellis – The Warriors Before Me 2016/Coming Soon

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