Bang Gang – Love Sells 1990/Hard Rock

1479054177_frontDuring the 80’s and early 90’s, glam worked hard and so many combos had the chance to be signed on the majors, it is good to report or remember that there were also groups that came out of the glam albums on independent labels. This is the case, among others, The Bang Gang who released his debut album “Love sells” at Sinclair Records. As a side remark, note that The Bang Gang had in its ranks former members of Culprit 2 (heavy metal band of cult 80’s): bassist Scott Earl and guitarist KJ Kristoffersen.

That said, The Bang Gang has nothing to do with Culprit musically because here, as was stated earlier, one deals with the hard / glam. And the title “Pedal to the Metal”, loaded to open hostilities, should not mislead: the festive atmosphere, the melodies of both light and punchy riffs and rock n’roll typically make a title while completely adequate to delight fans of glam. Moreover, this title is one of the highlights of the album with its catchy chorus and lyrics cults (“Pedal to the metal / And never settle / For Anything That Moves too slow”). In this same way, we learn something from the lyrics that girls see in Jet Black (lead singer) a cross between T-Rex and Mötley Crüe. Very funny, really! There are also an excellent cover of vitamin “20th Century Boy” T-Rex. This is really full of conviction as The Bang Gang offers a personal reading of good taste and bassist Scott Earl is having a field day.

Like other good tracks on the album, we will quote “Young & the restless”, melodic at will, the lively and haunting “Be a model (or just look like me)” coated brass, “Dangerous” and its chorus in both infectious and boisterous, and to a lesser extent “BMG (be my girl)”, a short acoustic ballad in the spirit of what was T-Rex in the 70’s.

There are however much less compelling songs like “The neon fairyale” rather tasteless, and “You make the beat go on”, a title too laborious and severe shortage of relief, of spontaneity. On the other hand, it is regrettable that this album is too short (34’47 in total) and two additional titles (inspired, preferably).

All told, this “Love sells” is a disc completely honest and friendly in the genre. That said, there is not enough to cry genius, it’s not a masterpiece. An album of good quality, yes, but not a deadly bomb, no exaggeration. That said, this first album of The Bang Gang has what he does as assets (including a big classic: “Pedal to the metal”) to delight those who collect all (or almost) on the glam. And since it is now ultra-rare, those who have may feel very lucky …

01.Pedal To The Metal
02.20th Century Boy
03.The Neon Fairytale
04.Young & The Restless
05.You Make The Beat Go On
06.Be A Model (Or Just Look Like One)
08.Thrill After Thrill
09.B.M.G. (Be My Girl)


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Bang Gang – Love Sells 1990/Hard Rock

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