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Stelios Ventas – Rock ‘n’ Love 2018/Classic Rock, Hard Rock

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Stelios Ventas – Rock ‘n’ Love 2018/Classic Rock, Hard Rock

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Pure classic rock, simple songwriting, inspired guitar riffs and solos with a sound that “smells” like a rock vinyl of the early ’80s. Music coming from the soul, the voice and fingers of an emotionaly alive musician, and not a bag of tricks of a “professional” studio producer according to the fashion. It’s not just another overcompressed new production, it’s something different. Classic and fresh at the same time; ten different rock and love stories, straight from the heart”

1.Rock ‘n’ love 04:10
2.Escape 03:15
3.Without you i ‘m alone 04:21
4.Don ‘t confuse me 03:52
5.Mirror of my soul 04:07
6.My car, my guitar and one suitcase 03:42
7.Catharsis 04:41
8.My curiosity 04:07
9.Don ‘t let me down again 04:33
10.Your biggest fan 05:10


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