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Eyesberg – Masquerade (2016)/Progressive Rock

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Eyesberg – Masquerade (2016)/Progressive Rock

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12316594Artist: Eyesberg
Album: Masquerade
Genre: Progressive Rock
Country: Germany

01. Joke On You (5:17)
02. Come And Take A Look At My Life (6:32)
03. Faceless (5:12)
04. Here And Now (4:38)
05. Storm Flood (6:05)
06. Steal Your Thunder (5:21)
07. Wait And See (18:01)
I. Overture
II. The Beginning Of The End
III. Talking To Father Time
IV. I Told You So
V. The Last Demise

Georg Alfter: guitar, bass
Norbert Podien: keyboards
Malcolm Shuttleworth: vocals

Jimmy Keegan (Spock’s Beard): drums
Oliver Wenzler: percussion


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