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Exit – Distressed 2005/Hard Rock, Melodic Rock | AOR

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Exit – Distressed 2005/Hard Rock, Melodic Rock | AOR

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This mega rare 10 track album was recorded over the years and finally released in 2005. Stunning hair metal/melodic hard rock from this Illinois based band. It took EXIT quite a few years to finish but the result was worth the wait. Though this was finally released in 2005, it disappeared very quickly. Basically EXIT is playing a mix of 80s and some early 90’s mainstream melodic hard rockmixed with keys. A mix between Firehouse, Tesla and Slaughter seems to be the best comparison but other songs you’ll hear Jet Red and White Sister. At the start things are very early 90’s, with as best song “Towards The Sun”, a great melodic rocker like early 90’s Guardian, Tesla meets Bon Jovi, with a really good strong catchy chorus.

1. Different Days
2. Rise Out Of You
3. Stand Up
4. Towards The Sun
5. Change
6. Runaway Missy
7. You Feel Right
8. Sea Of Love
9. She Gives What Shes Got
10. Home Alone


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