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Evelyn (Ita) – Evelyn [MCD] (1996) + Love For Money [Demo] (1989)

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Evelyn (Ita) – Evelyn [MCD] (1996) + Love For Money [Demo] (1989)

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Formed in Bolzano(Trentino Alto Adige,in the german speaking region in north of Italy)as Black Virgin in 1982,changed name in 1985 releasing the first demo “Love For Money” in 1989,a second demo simply titled “Demo tape” followed in 1990 and finally this self titled mini cd in 1996;it was recorded at the Powerplay Studio in unich(Germany),nowadays as it is a private pressing is very hard to find and at the same time was the farewell
of the band as since 1993 Tommy Ratschiller formed another band called Cherry Moon with whom he recorded several cds…


1 – To the Top
2 – Lonely
3 – Angel with a Broken Wings
4 – Dangerous
5 – Get Up

Love For Money – (Demo 1989)

1 – (I am)Foolin’ love her
2 – Love for money
3 – No more lonely nights


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