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Eldorado – Mundo Aereo 2016/Coming Soon

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Eldorado – Mundo Aereo 2016/Coming Soon

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The work starts with one of my favorite moments, such as “Space Time”, a very rocky cut with certain psychedelic touches, which take center stage in the middle of the subject. The theme leaves nothing to chance, is elaborated very meticulously and that is noted throughout its duration.
Something more direct and “zeppelinesca” is presented “Before Judging Me”, in which percussion and bass take center stage while Jesus interprets, with a good vocal work, a letter that I personally have loved.

Espacio Tiempo
Antes de Juzgarme
Mundo Aéreo
Flores en Llamas
Me Voy (En Mi Nube)
Perdiendo el Control
Madre Agua
Todo es Uno
El Sirviente
Los Hombres de Negro
Ya Eres Libre

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