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Carl Carlton – Cahoots & Roots – Life From Planet Zod 2004/Rock

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Carl Carlton – Cahoots & Roots – Life From Planet Zod 2004/Rock

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The best of music I’ve heard in a long time! That grooves, rocks and just makes fun! Just a pity that there is no CD of it. Otherwise a recommendation for all the really good music like!

CD 1:
1. God’s Gift To Man
2. Let It Rain
3. Kingston
4. Love Understanding
5. Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley
6. Deep Colours Bleed
7. Good To Be Alive
8. Days Of Magic
9. Florence
10. The Downfall
11. Lifelong Guarantee
12. Coming Home

CD 2:
1. Instant Karma
2. Mama Talk To Your Daughter
3. Why Get Up
4. Bobby’s Soul Serenade
5. He Gave The Names
6. From 4 Till Late
7. Slow Down
8. Carlypso
9. Instant Karma (Radio Edit)


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