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Breaker Breaker – Wreckin’ Machine 2016/Glam|Sleaze, Hard Rock

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Breaker Breaker – Wreckin’ Machine 2016/Glam|Sleaze, Hard Rock

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I’m hearing everything from Faster Pussycat to Pretty Boy Floyd in this mix. Hella good. “Come Get A Piece” is a driving force, full speed ahead and screw them damn torpedoes. “Look you in the eye, spit in your face.” The chorus kinda says it all. “Electrify” is a hard shuffle that goes overboard. Total early LA Guns. This just keeps getting better. “Evil Woman” knocks the pace up with another high energy track. Definitely not subtle or particularly detailed, but I’ll stick to my mantra…. who cares?

01. Move It
02. Pistol Grip Baby
03. Zombie
04. Come Get A Piece
05. Weather Man
06. Wreckin’ Machine
07. Evil Woman
08. Electrify
09. Seein’ Red
10. Spit Me Out

Band Members:
Timmy Rokket – guitar, vocals
E-Ryder – bass
Tommy Thunders – drums



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