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20/20 VISION – IN THE TOWN/IN THE CITY 1982/Wanted Album

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20/20 VISION – IN THE TOWN/IN THE CITY 1982/Wanted Album

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Enjoyable and ultra rare nowdays album released in 1982 privately from the band. These five guys offer us nine well arranged and performed tunes with interesting guitar work, attractive use of piano and keys, lots of volume changes and some prog influences. Their style can be compare with Daniel Band, Eden and Van Halen especially in the opening guitar work on “The Dealer”. Very interesting piece of music.

01. In The Town In The City,
02. Come Praise,
03. The Darkest Night,
04. Galilee,
05. He’s Alive,
06. The Dealer,
07. Jehovah,
08. Livings Easy,
09. I Thank You Lord

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